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Natural Deodorant


Natural Alum Stone

Dimension: L 5.8 cm x H 3.5 cm

Weight: 200gr

Stok 100

1. Wash underarm with soap and water.
While others apply alum directly to the underarm skin without washing, this deodorant works best in preventing body odor when the skin is clean.

2. Wipe the area lightly with a clean towel or cloth.
Make sure your armpit is a little bit damp and not too dry in order for the alum stone to stick.

3. Rub the alum stone on each armpit.
Allow skin to dry first before putting shirt on.

After use, clean the alum block with water, dry it off and store in a dry place where air circulates.
If you store the alum stone in a storage case, dry the alum before storing it in the case.

Berat 0,2 kg
Dimensi 8,5 × 6 × 2,5 cm


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